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Greetings from the Founder and CEO…

Greetings, Epic Lifers! Welcome to the Epic Wipes blog page – “This is Epic” - a place where we will:

  • Showcase some of the cool and creative ways our fans have used Epic Wipes to solve real life problems
  • Occasionally nerd it up about the state of the science of wet wipes (it’s actually really interesting!)
  • Give you solid evidence about all the things that make Epic Wipes well…so Epic!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking damn, I must be really bored to be reading a blog about wet wipes (not true btw). But the second thing you’re probably thinking is – Epic Wipes must be friggin’ amazing (...since it appears that I’m still reading a blog about wet wipes). And you are 100% right - Epic Wipes are friggin’ amazing! And honestly after all the time we put into these things how could they NOT be?...I mean we agonized over every little detail (sometimes for months and months) until we were finally certain that we had achieved Wet Wipe Nirvana. And despite my lovely and very patient better half Rose for years insisting that I wasn’t “building a spaceship so just get on with it already” …even she now agrees that it’s all been well worth the effort.

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What's new at Epic? Almost everything! We've got a new website, new purchasing options, and a brand new product - the Epic Wipe Large!

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Since the very beginning, we’ve been tossing around a term here at Epic Wipes: “Epic Lifers”. But what exactly is an “Epic Lifer”? We struggled with this question.   Are they merely repeat customers? Social media evangelists? Subscribers to our monthly membership program? Turns out, it’s all of us - all of you; it’s everyone who looks to the horizon and starts hatching dreams about what adventures may lie over that next rise. It’s Karts Huseonica and TV reality star Jeff Zausch who lead a group to the top of Borah Peak (above) in Utah to experience 2017’s total solar...

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In other words, could we pursue a profitable enterprise without violating the ethics we’d always purported to prize so dearly? Or were those considerations just the naive, utopian fantasies of bygone campfires and less realistic aspirations?

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