What's New at Epic?

Epic Wipes -

What's New at Epic?

...Almost everything! We've got a new website, new purchasing options, and a brand new product - the Epic Wipe Large!


Now you may be thinking, "...weren't Epic Wipes already pretty big? Like, isn't that your thing?"


Don't worry. Our flagship product, the Epic Wipe XL, hasn't changed a bit. It's still the shower-in-your-pocket you've come to know and love.


So why make a smaller Epic Wipe and call it the Large? Glad you asked! Listen to this interview with the inventor of Epic Wipes, Aeneas Janze, and get some knowledge about everything new at Epic, why we did it, and how we're working hard every day to develop new products that will help you change the way you win the day!

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