What are the exact dimensions of each wipe?

31.5 inches x 19.7 inches

31.5" x 19.7" seems like an odd number. Is there a reason?

There is! The wipes were originally going to be 2 ft x 4 ft but no matter how we folded it or tightly we packed it we could not manage to fit it comfortably inside a pocket. To solve the problem we asked ourselves what size we considered to be perfectly pocket sized and worked backwards from there. Thankfully we found this modified size to be just as effective as the 2 ft x 4 ft version. In fact some of our testers have reported being able to get completely clean with just half of one of our wipes. But if you're dealing with both sweat and grime, we think our wipes are the perfect size.

What is the shelf life of these wipes?

The shelf life of Epic Wipes (as well as most wet wipes on the market) is three years. The main problem is not spoilage but moisture loss. We do believe our wipes will last much longer than three years for the following reasons:

  1. Epic Wipes are individually wrapped with no stickers or plastic covers that allow increased moisture loss.
  2. Our wipes are extremely moisture rich to begin with, so they should continue to be very usable even after losing some of their moisture.
  3. The wipes are folded many times over again in order to make them pocket sized. This additional folding helps to trap the moisture inside the wipe.
  4. Moisture loss is directly related to surface area. In its open state, 8000 square cm of wipe material is exposed to air. In its closed state just 221 square cm is exposed to air.

Storing Epic Wipes in a cool, moist environment will slow the rate of moisture loss. Conversely, storing them in a hot dry place will accelerate moisture loss.

That said, even when stored in hot, dry environments like the glove compartment of your car, these wipes should at least last the three years that our label promises. Of course these wipes only came into existence this past January so we have not had an opportunity to formally test this out. Having said that, I've stored them in the hot trunk of my car for more than a year and noticed no difference in moisture content.

Are Epic Wipes reusable?

Yes. Epic Wipes are extremely thick and durable and can tolerate many hand washings. Remember however that these wipes are also biodegradable so we're not sure how well they would hold up if you put them in the washing machine.

This is what Jeff from Bike Tourings' Blog has to say about our Epic Wipes: "After initial use I will reseal the towel in a large ziploc freezer bag with Thayer's Witch Hazel due to its organic essential oil ingredients mixed with a bit of Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap. This is an excellent blend for reusing or making your own towel wipes in a ziploc bag but the towel wipes available from Epic Wipes are by far the best available and are an excellent reusable product."



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