Our Epic

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Our Epic

I can’t remember the exact date that Aeneas first told me about the idea of Epic Wipes. I’m pretty sure it was during one of very few telephone conversations we had while he was deployed in Afghanistan. That would have been 2011.

But I definitely remember our first deep dive into Epic the brand and Encore LLC, the company created to bring you Epic Wipes. It was my brother Matt’s bachelor party - and if you know our extended band of brothers, you can probably guess what that means…

It was a lot like the campfires of our childhood… but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m James, Funderdome wingman and epic collaborator from way back. That's me on the right, in front of our founder and across from my brother. Aeneas was (and is) Matt's best friend, and ever since childhood, I've looked up to them both and aspired to the big dreams we all imagined together.

So back to our “bro-cation” in the forest - I guess it was 2014, and the meat and potatoes was this: How could we build a company the right way? In other words, could we pursue a profitable enterprise without violating the ethics we’d always purported to prize so dearly? Or were those considerations just the naive, utopian fantasies of bygone campfires and less realistic aspirations?

That journey - the difficult questions that arise along the path from good idea to great company - that’ll be my main contribution to our little blog of record.

From the foggy headlands of Marin County in 2014, to the mountains of Afghanistan and the hills of our childhood: this is our Epic. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

James Haugland

Creative Director - Epic Wipes

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