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Epic Lifers

Since the very beginning, we’ve been tossing around a term here at Epic Wipes: “Epic Lifers”.

But what exactly is an “Epic Lifer”? We struggled with this question.


Are they merely repeat customers? Social media evangelists? Subscribers to our monthly membership program?

Turns out, it’s all of us - all of you; it’s everyone who looks to the horizon and starts hatching dreams about what adventures may lie over that next rise.

It’s Karts Huseonica and TV reality star Jeff Zausch who lead a group to the top of Borah Peak (above) in Utah to experience 2017’s total solar eclipse at the very threshold of the heavens.


It’s young Ricky Freeman, who took the amateur cycling world by storm in Florida, climbing one step closer to the professional circuit.


It’s the Ragnar Racers, Tough Mudders, Marathoners and Martial Artists we’ve sponsored along the way who know that living an Epic Life is all about making a plan, tracking progress, and having the right tools for the job.

Yes, an Epic Lifer is someone who lives each day to the fullest - someone like you who knows that when it comes to turning big dreams into reality, it’s always helpful to have Epic Wipes along for the ride.


Here’s to an Epic 2018 for all the Epic Lifers out there! Thanks for making Epic Wipes part of your story.


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