Our Epic Part II: How We Give

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Our Epic Part II: How We Give

Where were we? Oh yeah…

“How can we build a company the right way?”

On this Giving Tuesday, it may be helpful to reflect on something: Giving, in and of itself, is not necessarily a good thing. You can give someone a headache for example. You can give them pause or cause for concern. So what we give the world, for better or worse, is what we leave behind - the sum total of our actions.

Last year, when Aeneas and I were preparing our audition tape for Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, I asked him what it felt like to risk so much time and treasure on Epic Wipes. He told me that, “since Sebastian was born, it doesn’t feel like my risk at all anymore. This is his future I’m building now.”


This is a sentiment many parents know well, and it definitely takes the question of “how to build a company the right way” from the abstract world of ideas to the weighty decisions of “grown up business”.

So how? 

Two answers:

  1. Because there was no other option. This is, after all, their future we're building.

  1. With your help. Sure, you love Epic Wipes for a million reasons, but you also care about what we leave behind, customer and company, together. We’ve donated thousands of wipes this year alone for Hurricane Relief and to troops abroad - together. We’ve partnered with great charities like “Save the Children” and “Operation Care and Comfort” to make sure our donations get to the people who need Epic Wipes the most  - together.

And we’ve only just begun.


In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be unveiling an even more progressive method of Direct Giving to great charities that can distribute Epic Wipes to people with a real and urgent need, across the country and the world. And how will do this?

That's right...TOGETHER. And as for this Giving Tuesday? Well, you can help us kick the tires on this new model of giving. Direct Give to the charity channel of your choice now, and we’ll match it - box for box; Epic Wipe for Epic Wipe.

What we give, we give together. Thanks for being a part of our Epic!

James Haugland

Creative Director - Epic Wipes

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